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Children of Liberty is a stealth action indie game from Lantana Games. This wiki keeps track of version changes, character info, hints, screenshots, art, and more!


Here are the most recent changes to Children of Liberty. You can see the full list on the Changelog Page.

EX3 Patch Notes:

  • Direct links to bug report form: automatically fills out most of the form! Just press right to scroll over to it on the main menu, and left to go back. 
  • Feedback Focus: a new message from us about which part of the game we need feedback on the most, in the main menu. 
  • Added version number to main menu 
  • New video options: 16:9 resolutions, windowed mode, and three quality settings 
  • Updates to & improved legibility on About, Instructions, and Controls pages 
  • New on-screen UI to show currently available actions

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed bad Y positions on at least 1 checkpoint’s respawn point 
  • Fixed player takedown detection 
  • Some Redcoats had slightly off spawn coordinates; added auto-correction for this 
  • Fixed a bug with using Esc key to go to main menu 
  • Fixed a bug with Redcoat vision cone rotation 
  • Fixed main menu movement on keyboard 
  • Fixed shader settings on some sprites 
  • Fixed some red/blue line sprites 
  • Fixed some text objects not having the correct material

Coming soon, in no particular order: Long Wharf! Cutscenes! Dialogue boxes! The Codex! Mouse controls! Pause menu! Return of the controller UI!

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